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Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer



Welcome to my new website!

…I am a pittsburgh wedding photographer. I loveee outdoor weddings, being outside (for any reason), frolicking through fields, kayaking down the river, and hanging out with my besties. Pups make my heart melt, anytime i pass one I have to stop to say hi. watching the sunset with my husband (or sunrise if i’m not sleeping-my second favorite thing to do) and a cup of tea makes me happy. Sometimes i so badly want to gather over a cup of coffee, but i just can’t drink it. tooo jitteryy! but i do love the smell of it! i’m a sucker for slapstick, if one of us falls or walks into a pole during our session i can’t promise i won’t laugh but i can promise i will take care of you after…




dresses and skirts are my go to outfit.

…think about it. it’s better than wearing sweat pants…am i right? i even have hiking dresses! and there is nothing better than envisioning a new shirt and walking into goodwill and finding it! one of my besties taught me that little trick. I always have at least 2 pairs of shoes in my car because who knows where the day may take you. I have been questioned on multiple occasions for the condition and type of shoe i’ve chosen to wear out of the house. by strangers! but hey, some shoes will always be the most comfortable, and sometimes i have to through walk 50ft of mud to get to my car so my muck boots are the actually the most appropriate…